Who is better: God or Myself?


Who is better: God or Myself?

One group has the idea that Christianity, or believing in God, is scary and impossible. To others the mere idea of this sounds repulsive. To some it seems like a saving grace. While a fourth group of people exists who believe that it is the best thing ever. 

No matter what category a person falls into there is a time in most peoples’ lives when they contemplate the existence of a greater being, or God. When contemplating God and his existence many people turn away for one simple idea that they have had implanted into their mind by another non-believer or through the example shown by some “Christians”. This idea is: to follow God and to love God you have to be perfect. You have to follow a million and one rules. The consequence is that if you fail you get to live in eternal damnation. How many would willing choose that when they know that they aren’t perfect? For many they have decided that they would rather live the life they “want”, since they fell like they will be damned either way. A life that to them seems like it could never be fulfilling. A life that is boring. A life where they lose who they believe defines them. 

I am hoping that all those who believe this lie, as I do believe that it is a huge lie, learn that following God is nothing like that. I want those people to learn that following God is more than the rules, the judgment, and the act perfection. Following God allows a person to have a perfectly imperfect relationship with someone who loves him or her, even when they screw everything up. Following God doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect, but that you want to be more like the person who created you. 


Before I go any further I want to say that I do not judge another for the sins that they are drawn to doing. I do not have the right or the power to condemn someone for not seeing things as I see them. That being said I push myself to be better because I sin and struggle just as much as the next person. I know that I will never be a perfect follower of God. I will fall short of the example that Jesus set for me, but daily I will strive to follow my God closer and deeper. 

Now some people are still saying that maybe that is true and sounds great for you, but that doesn’t say anything about the fact that it looks so boring to be a follower of God. And let’s be real, life it all about fun and enjoying it to the fullest. You can’t get drunk every night of the weekend with your friends or get high for the fun of it!  You can’t have sex before marriage, and the list goes on and on. Most at this point say: “count me out. That doesn’t sound like a life I want to live.” The thing is that when you truly give yourself over to following God, then you will learn that those things actually hurt you and your body. God has given us these commandments and “rules” not to make us boring or lame, but to protect us. God is only trying to show us that we don’t need those things to have fun or to live a life to the fullest. Once a person decides to follow God they will learn that God has huge plans for them, that are far better than getting drunk on the weekends or any of that other stuff. 

So in summery: following God isn’t about the rules. Following God is about a living and breathing relationship with the Great Creator. The Creator who wants to love and protect you, no matter what you do. Following God means you are never alone. Following God means that you always have someone who will fight for you and be with you when things seem impossible. 
God > I

                                                                      By  Gabbi Gerndt

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