Drugs destroy families


Everyone has a family, whether  you  love  them  or  hate them  or don’t  know  them,  you still have one. Usually the word family evokes strong feelings in a person. For me family means love, being surrounded by caring people, and so much more. Sometimes though a family can be broken or shattered by the actions of one person. 
There are many things that can shatter a family, but one that is sure to have a lasting influence is when someone in that family decides to start doing drugs.
Drugs are becoming a bigger and bigger problem

. Everytime someone over doses on drugs or dies from drugs, another family has lost a son, daughter, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, etc. This person was ripped away too soon. They wasted their lives on something that will never love them or provide for them. 
For me I have been personally affected with the choices that a family member makes when they are addicted to drugs. They no longer behave as a loved one should. They become obsessed with the drugs. Relationships begin to deteriorate because they no longer care to spend time with their family. All they can think about it their next time to get high or when they can have a “fix”. 
Drugs rip away the good in a person and leave only a shallow empty shell. Drugs used to get high will never go away. 
So many programs are set up to raise awareness about the I’ll effects of drug use. I just hope that this message gets to the right people. It is easy to use drugs, but it is the worst thing ever to have a loved one ripped away because they took the easy path in life. 


                                                 By Gabbi Gerndt. 
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